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Best Test

Best Test™ Blend
  • Support Test Levels *†
  • Increase Strength & Stamina *†
  • Promote Anti-Aging *†
  • Boost Sex Drive & Libido *†
  • Improve Well Being *†

Best Test™ is a laboratory-certified testosterone support product for those looking to fight the effects of low test levels associated with aging. *†

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Best Test™ is a powerful combination of all-natural, clinically studied and patented ingredients to boost test levels, support performance and promote anti-aging.


Low test levels can result in a lack of energy, decreased libido and weight gain. Best Test™ supports healthy test levels to fight these effects.*†


NIAGEN®, a patented ingredient, has been scientifically proven to fight the effects of aging by promoting the creation of new mitochondria.*†


The ingredients in Best Test™ are designed to boost energy, increase endurance and improve performance in the gym - and the bedroom.*†


Research suggests that several ingredients in Best Test™, including antioxidants, promote overall heart health and suppress cortisol release.*†


BEST TEST™ BLEND (Proprietary): Pedalium Murex (fruit), Akarkara Root, Ashwagandha Root (CLXR™), Quercetin, Nicotinamide Riboside (NIAGEN®), Ginger Root (6 Gingerol), Grape Seed Extract, Lycopene.

Zinc (as zinc aspartate).

Pedalium Murex (fruit): Pedalium Murex is an antioxidant similar in structure to Tribulus Terrestris. Evidence suggests that Pedalium could increase testosterone and act as an aphrodisiac.*†

Akarkara Root: An aphrodisiac herb traditionally used in Indian herbal medicine, Akarkara is a natural testosterone booster.*†

Ashwagandha Root (CLXR™): Studies show that Ashwagandha increases testosterone levels, supports muscle and promotes strength. It may also increase insulin sensitivity, improve body composition and support heart health*†

Quercetin: Strong antioxidant support for increased cellular nutrient utilization, overall heart health and suppressed cortisol release.*†

Nicotinamide Riboside (NIAGEN®): First ever, commercially available nicotinamide riboside, which is a precursor to NAD+. By boosting NAD+ levels and creating more mitochondria, NIAGEN® can increase energy, endurance, cognitive function and cardiovascular health.*†

Ginger Root (6 Gingerol): Ginger has been proven to increase testosterone in men. It may also promote insulin sensitivity, regular digestion and speed metabolism for increased fat loss.*†

Grape Seed Extract: Grape seeds contain proanthocyanidin and procyanidin, which both effectively block the conversion of testosterone to estrogen by inhibiting the aromatase enzyme. It is also an antioxidant that supports heart health.*†

Lycopene: The antioxidant lycopene may modulate androgen activation in the prostate.*†

Other Ingredients: Gelatin, microcrystalline cellulose, magnesium stearate, candurin silver fine, and FD&C Blue No. 1.

Suggested Use:

Take one (1) serving (2 capsules) daily, in the morning on an empty stomach before food, or as directed by a qualified healthcare practitioner. For enhanced test boosting support, up to four (4) capsules a day can be taken.*†

Warnings: Not intended for use by persons under age 18. Do not exceed recommended dose. Do not take for more than eight (8) consecutive weeks. Do not use if you are pregnant or nursing. Discontinue use two weeks prior to surgery or if upset stomach occurs. Get the consent of a licensed physician before using this product, especially if you are taking medication, have a medical condition, or thinking about becoming pregnant. Do not take this product close to bedtime. KEEP THIS PRODUCT AND ALL SUPPLEMENTS OUT OF THE REACH OF CHILDREN.

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Commonly Asked Questions

What is Best Test™?
A powerful combination of all-natural, clinically-studied & patented ingredients to boost test levels, support performance & promote anti-aging. *†
What is NIAGEN®?
NIAGEN® is the first & only commercially available form of nicotinamide riboside, which helps create more mitochondria.*†
When should I take Best Test™?
Take 2 capsules of Best Test™ first thing in the morning, or as directed by a medical professional.*†
Who should take Best Test™?
Best Test™ can be taken by men with low T levels and by those who want to boost performance.*†

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